Your reflection post needs to be at least 10 full sentences; there is no maximum limit


  • Your reflection post needs to be at least 10 full sentences; there is no maximum limit
  • Your post must be written in your own words 
  • Use at least one source. It can be our textbook or another reliable source. Use APA format citations for your sources (see the APA resources in Canvas)


10 points for your own post (you get the full points if your post is at least 10 sentences and your discussion is relevant to the topic, and you use a relevant reliable source and cite it appropriately)



For this week’s assignment, pick ONE of the topics below (A or B) and find a source that discusses the topic. Refer to the source in your post, using APA format in-text citations and a reference list.

See the APA examples and instructions in the first module in Canvas.


Pick any specific structure or region of the brain (e.g. hypothalamus, hippocampus, substantia nigra, amygdala, occipital lobe, prefrontal cortex, parietal lobe, primary motor cortex, somatosensory cortex, etc.) and research what can happen when this structure/region is damaged. Discuss what kinds of symptoms might result from the damage in this particular region, and what these symptoms might suggest about the function(s) associated with the region/structure.  Cite your sources in APA format. Try to pick a structure/region that other students have not addressed yet, or if you pick the same region as someone else did, try to find additional/different information. You could for example find a case study of a patient who had damage on a particular brain region, and describe the symptoms this patient showed.

Alternatively, start with a particular condition that interests you and research the brain damage associated with it. Some ideas that you can find videos for in this module: the neglect syndromeface blindness (prosopagnosia), Broca’s and Wernicke’s aphasiaphantom limb (this one is not really “damage” in the brain but relates to the reorganization of a certain part of the brain). Feel free to research any of these or any other brain damage condition.

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