Your goal in this assignment is to: 1) identify the main ideas from the supplemental article and 2)


Your goal in this assignment is to: 1) identify the main ideas from the supplemental article and 2) extend the ideas by adding your own observation or speculation using the assigned class film as a source. You MUST demonstrate that you 1) have read the article and understand the findings, 2) then discuss connections with the film and how it extends (or does not extend) the ideas presented, and 3) Pose a question or further point for discussion that may prompt others to think (and to which your classmates may respond). Some possible ways to link the article and the film are presented below, but of course, these are not the only ways to respond, feel free to structure as works for you. Also, please note that the blanks in the examples below are not meant as spaces for words, but rather as spaces for thoughts (multiple sentences). A good post is typically between 200 and 300 words:

The film complemented the argument made in the article (on pages ____), that __________________, however it also added more information in that it included _________. This pushes the ideas presented in the article by _________. One question this brings up for me is about the relationship between ____________ that was discussed in the book and was seen in the article, how might this be different in communities where __________ and what might this mean for how children learn ______?

The film showed _____________, which was not something that had been examined in depth in the article, however -on page ___ the authors did suggest that something similar to this might take place in other contexts, such as _______. This phenomenon of ______________ does seem to be congruent with the larger theoretical argument that __________. Do you think the theory is wrong, or is it the case that the theory may be related to what was possible in a world without social media and electronic communication? Is the theory of __________ still relevant in the digital context in which many children are growing up?

The article and film do not seem to agree on some central issues, specifically the idea that ______________ is related to __________ in development. This may be because the article was focusing specifically on ___________ while the

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