You will pick two self-assessments to reference for this paper

You will pick two self-assessments to reference for this paper – your favorite and your least favorite.  You may reference more than two if you choose.  The paper should be between 500-600 words (use  You should have at least 5 distinct paragraphs – intro, point 123, conclusion (use paragraph breaks – this is NOT texting!).  You don’t have to answer every question, but at least, 4 out of the six.

Explain your answers to the following questions and provide specific examples.  Please see the Rubric link below to determine grading. 

1. Which assessment was your favorite? Why?

2. Which assessment was your least favorite? Why?

3. How did the assessment apply to your life and in what ways (ex. personal, professional, in a particular relationship, etc.)?

4.  Did any of the assessments shed light on a part of yourself that  you would deem as negative or needs work?  If so, what steps are you willing to take to change?

5.  Which assessment would you wish your best friend, lover, mother, co-worker( or someone important to you in your life) would take?  What do you think it would show to them?  How could knowing something about themselves like this help them?

6.  Which assessment do you think all women or all men or even all people should take to make a better world?

7.  Could history have changed if all people were forced to take one assessment?  Which one and why?

8. Which assessment would you want your children to take (to be most helpful) as they enter adulthood?

9.  Which assessment brought to light issues you wish YOU would have known about yourself when you were younger, to save you some heartache, perhaps?

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