You will define family and seven other terms, theories and

You will define family and seven other terms, theories and/or key persons related to child and family psychology and describe their significance. Significance refers to identifying the relevance to the study of families. Examples are important; well-described clinical or research examples that clearly illustrate the importance are acceptable.

Please note: Terms listed together, such as # 4 assimilation and acculturation, are considered as “one term” as they are interrelated. References to the text, slides and/or course readings are required.
Summary: Comprehensively define family based on what you have studied and read during the spring semester, and select and define seven other terms from the key terms list. You will define eight terms in total.



Ambiguous loss


Beilf systems : Spritual and Cultural

Divorce Process

Family Therapy and Play Therapy (examples)


Parent-Teen Communication


Attached below is an example of two terms, please dont copy it and it doesnt have to be so lenghty.

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