you will be completing a self-management project in Week 5

you will be completing a self-management project in Week 5, and your topic needs to be approved by your instructor to ensure it is behavioral, measurable, and objectively defined. Doing so ensures that you select an appropriate topic but also gets you thinking about how to operationally define behavior.

Choose a target behavior for your Week 5 Self-Management Project.

Write a 175-word summary on the target behavior in observable and measurable terms. Include the methods that will be used to observe and acquire baseline data.

Submit your target behavior description, along with the dimension you will be measuring to your instructor for approval.


My choice for my “self-management project topic selection” is the following:


I will not be self-conscious in challenging situations and will deal with adverse confrontation without fear.


(The instructor wanted us to choose something that we need or want to change about ourselves.)


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