You will be asked to participate in a hands-on psychological experience

You will be asked to participate in a hands-on psychological experience and write a 900- to 1200-word paper summarizing your experience and reflecting on how that aspect of psychology applies in real life. Include a discussion of the impact of the science of psychology in your life. Suggested experiences include participating in individual or group psychotherapy, or career testing through Brenau services.

Participation in any of these activities would be confidential, and reports would focus only on what you learned about psychology, not on personal disclosure. You may also design a personal hands-on experience relating to psychology. For example, you might choose to watch and review a movie about psychology and interview someone who is in therapy, or you may choose to visit a nursing home or other psychological services provider. All activities must be approved by the faculty member. Some of these activities may span several weeks, such as the therapy, and must be initiated early in the semester to ensure completion.

Choice of these movies: Make sure your activities add up to 3 hours altogether. Ideally, your activities would be interrelated through a common theme:


  1. Watch a movie that relates to an aspect of psychology and review the movie from the standpoint of integrating information you learned in class and that you read in the text with what was portrayed in the movie. Movie suggestions: A Beautiful MindAs Good as it Gets, 12 Angry Men, What about Bob, 50 First Dates, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Awakenings, The Notebook. A Clockwork Orange, or The Soloist.

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