You were recently asked to attend a meeting to discuss the hiring process in your workplace

  • You were recently asked to attend a meeting to discuss the hiring process in your workplace. The human resources director attended and made the following statement: “We obviously want intelligent people, but we also want them to have emotional intelligence.”

What did the HR director mean by that? To learn more about emotional intelligence, explore the sites listed below. Please take one of the emotional intelligence (EI) tests. Reflect on your results, and explore ways that you might develop an enhanced emotional IQ.

The following sites has an informal self-administered survey that introduces the concept of EI in an interesting and personal way. There are also links at these sites to follow-up on emotional quotient (EQ) assessment and enhancement approaches.

  • Click here for the self-administered survey site

After taking the test, write a paper of 2–3 pages that covers the following:

  • Define and discuss emotional intelligence and its dimensions.
  • Provide examples of emotional intelligence.
  • Describe your experience in taking the test.
  • Present your test results and reflect on them.
  • Discuss why emotional intelligence is important.
  • Discuss some ways that you can enhance your emotional intelligence.

Please use the following guidelines for formatting your assignment:

  • Margins: Set to one inch
  • Font: 12pt.-Times New Roman, no bold, no underline
  • Title: Centered above the paper, 12 pt.-font (Level A Heading), no bold, no underline, no italics
  • Pagination: Every page; consists of a header containing a short title for the paper and a page number placed in the upper right corner of the page
  • Line Spacing: Double space all work, including the References page
  • Point-of-View: Third person, objective; limit perspective to research; no personal opinion or narrative; first person is allowed in describing the test and results, as well as discussing personal ways to enhance EI
  • In-text citations: Must conform to APA requirements
  • References list: Must conform to APA requirements

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Please refer to the following multimedia course materials(s):

  • Week 3: Emotion, Learning, and Motivation
  • Week 3: Principles of Emotional Intelligence

Assignment Tips:

  • Research outside of the textbook. The test sites contain credible information on the theory.
  • The most well-known author on emotional intelligence is Daniel Goleman. Excerpts from his emotional intelligence work can be found at this site. The site includes an excellent discussion of the dimensions of emotional intelligence.
  • You can also find credible information at this Web site and this Web site.
  • When you discuss how you can enhance your emotional intelligence, it will be helpful to reflect on your test results and how those line up with the dimensions of emotional intelligence that you wrote about in the first part of the assignment.
  • You may be able to find specific, test results-based things that you can do to enhance your emotional intelligence.

Grading Rubric

ITEM Grade %
Content includes:

  • Definition and discussion of emotional intelligence
  • Examples of emotional intelligence
  • Discussion of why emotional intelligence is important
  • Description of experience in taking the test; a reflection the results of the test
  • Ways that you can enhance your emotional intelligence


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