You are to write an essay about a peer reviewed journal article of interest

You are to write an essay about a peer reviewed journal article of interest to you in psychology. In this essay, you will critique the research design and hypothesis, evaluate the methods and materials, and review the result of the research conducted. You will also analyze how the research could influence your life, for better or worse, from your perspective. Specific questions are provided below for the assignment.


1. Find a peer-reviewed research article, in the field of psychology, published in the last 10 years on a topic of interest to you. Bring in your topic/article for review to class on date: ___________. (5 points)

2. Write a critique of the research paper answering the following questions below.

3. Use APA format to write your paper and properly cite the work you are reviewing, your book and/or any other resources you use to support your argument. (10 points)

4. Be sure to have a clear introduction, middle body, and conclusion.



Questions to answer in your essay:

1. Why did you choose this topic, and what is the social relevance of this topic, i.e. why is it important to study, in your opinion? (15 points)

2. What is the hypothesis of the research article? Is it causal or predictive? (15 points)

3. What is the research method employed in the article and what are the materials used? Would you choose the same method, why or why not? Is it appropriate for the type of hypothesis? Are there other methods that could have been used instead? (15 points)

4. What was the result of the research? Do you agree with it or disagree with it, why or why not? Is there any bias, limitations in sample size, or other potential issues in the design, materials, or method that you see or that the researchers identify? (15 points)

5. What is the personal relevance of this research to you? Analyze how the results affect or influence your life or the life of others, for better or worse. (15 points)


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