Write essays Each essay should be typed and double,spacVd

Philosophy 33 – Comparative World Religions

Spring 2016

Exam #1

Write essays Each essay should be typed and double,spacVd. approximately three pages for each question DO NOT USE THE INTERNET TO RESEARCH THESE OUESTIONS. Anything cited or downloaded from the internet will be considered plagiarism. See s,yllabus for penalties for plagiarism.

Try to make your answers as complete as possible, that is, when in doubt, culain Write your essays in your own word,: no quotes, please Resist the temptation to quote from text, instead, explain in your own words You may usc a quote to fortify an argument or explanation but not in lieu of an explanation.

1) Choose a or b

a) How does sacred space difTer from profane space, according to Mirdea Eliade? How is the experience of space qualitatively different for the religious person’ Why does Eliade say that sacred space is more real than profane space, Include in your essay a discussion of cosrnicization and orientation. HOW docs the construction of sacred space reproduce the work of the gods, b) Explain sacred and profane time, as presentcd by Eliade. What does Eliade mean by characterizing sacred time as “eternal mythical present, Focus your essay on the different modes of experiencing time


2) Explain the four paths, or yoga, of Hinduism, according to Huston Smith, including kharma, jnana, bhakti and raja yoga. Which of these paths do you think best fits your personality type, and why?

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