Write a position paper on the use of the atomic bomb on Japan.

Write a position paper on the use of the atomic bomb on Japan.  Take a position of either pro or con on the decision to use the atomic bomb in war.  Your position should be supported by at least three arguments.  Number each argument that you use to support your position.


It was effective

Sorry we won

Thermal flash that is hotter than the surface of the sun speculated to be 7,200 degrees Fahrenheit witch is so much light and heat energy that when humans are exposed to it they cease to exist instantly becoming piles of carbon. So at least it was a humane method of killing because the people were killed instantaneously; almost no one survived.

The light of the explosion was so bright that it caused everything to get darker.

To make peace scientists had to make the ultimate weapon of war.

The atom bomb gave way to an ethical nightmare human kind invent the most efficient way of killing each other giving us the biggest stick to carry but we also can forget to walk softly

Trinity a paradox of a god that destroys in order to renew

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