While related, law and ethics are not the same. The law establishes what individ


While related, law and ethics are not the same. The law establishes what individuals must do, while ethics describes what individuals should do. What this means is that some things viewed as immoral may in fact not be illegal, and some illegal activities may not necessarily be immoral. For this discussion, pick one of the topics below and explain whether you think it’s immoral, and then whether you think it should be illegal. Make sure to fully explain and support your answer. Gambling with friends at work. Using marijuana at a party. Obtaining an abortion. Marketing sugary drinks to children. For all discussions: Post your initial response. Remember to respond to other posts for full credit. Teresa Machinga Hi Class & Dr. Fleming, I chose the topic of using marijuana at a party for the discussion this week. This is a very controversial topic between law and ethics and I am eager to give my opinion. I will start out by saying the fact that marijuana is illegal, to me, is unethical within itself. Marijuana is a plant that grows naturally on this earth. It is not cooked in a lab or mixed with any other chemicals to be produced. The benefits of having THC running through your bloodstream on a constant level outweigh any pharmaceutical manufactured “drug” that is available to obtain legally. The most commonly used substance at a party is alcohol. I’ve witnessed and heard of more people making terrible decisions when under the influence of alcohol than I ever have of anyone who used marijuana alone. Yet, drinking alcohol is never a controversial topic. It is not only accepted by the majority of society and legal to purchase but pushed on us so much that you’re sometimes considered an outcast if you don’t partake. I believe alcohol alters your judgment more so than marijuana when making decisions that could harm someone, intentionally or not. Marijuana doesn’t make you blackout or pass out the alcohol does. I feel more young girls and women would have more control of their surroundings if they used marijuana as opposed to drinking alcohol. There would be fewer car accident fatalities as well if more people used marijuana instead of alcohol. I know the topic isn’t drinking alcohol vs. using marijuana at parties but it is hard to not compare the two since one is accepted and expected over the other.

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