What if the stories in the Bible of “god’s actions” are actually metaphors

What if the stories in the Bible of “god’s actions” are actually metaphors for natural and astrological events? Ex. what if the fall of Lucifer was actually about a meteor that fell from the heavens and landed on earth, causing mayhem. It could have contained a chemical that caused human beings to act strangely like a hallucinagen and that is what causes people to act evilly.

Add to this theory. Translate all of the Bible stories that you know into explanations of natural/astrological events. You can add to each other’s theories if you want.

Make sure to have a post and a response to another student’s post. Use proper grammar. Three sentence minimum per post/response.


student response


I think there could be a connection between the start of the universe, earth, life, human advancement, and so forth, and the stories of the Bible. The Parables in the Bible, were basic stories used to show an ethical lesson to the general population. There is one Parable called “The Mustard Seed”. In this Parable Jesus tells the general population that his kingdom resembles the extent of a mustard seed, and when we spread them around a field they become bigger than some other plant and change over into a tree. Anyone can translate this anecdote the way they see it or feel it, however by and by I saw this elucidation of paradise like a man’s life of confidence and development to end up noticeably the best form of themselves. I can see it additionally as a characteristic and mysterious occasion like the Big Bang itself. It started as a little star and developed until the point that it detonated and turned into the universe.

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