What are moral propositions, and how are they similar to and different

2 pages for each question double spaced…



What are moral propositions, and how are they similar to and different from other types of propositions? Explain your answer.




Present one argument for and one argument against prostitution, premarital sex, or pornography, as you analyze them critically and show the philosophical basis of these arguments.





What are some important issues in media ethics? Choose two issues and present the ethical problems as you analyze them philosophically and make suggestions for improvement.




analyze one case by using concepts based on the theory indicated at the end of each case:


A dam was proposed to be built on a certain river in a natural setting that would produce hydroelectric power and create recreational activities, such as boating, swimming, and waterskiing. The only problem, as environmentalists see it, is that there is a certain species of small fish found only in this river that will become extinct if the dam is built. The fish is not used for food or sport; in fact, no one knows what purpose it serves by being in the river. Should the dam be built? Why or why not? Would it make a difference to your answer if the small fish were a good food fish or could be used in some other commercial way, or does its possible extinction constitute a sufficient reason to not build the dam? Explain your answer in detail.” (Utilitarianism)

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