Week 7 – Assignment: Assess the Quality and Availability of Ethics Training in Criminal Justice Agencies


Week 7 – Assignment: Assess the Quality and Availability of Ethics Training in Criminal Justice Agencies


As a scholar in criminal justice, you have been assigned by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics to conduct research to critically assess the reasons for the increase in unethical behavior and lack of integrity in law enforcement. You have been asked to provide suggestions for necessary administrative changes to be implemented and to evaluate the existing ethics training provided to all officers and civilian personnel within the agency. The vision is to create an ethical culture. In the development of your analysis, be sure to include all concerns as indicated below:

Identify conflicts between the formal law enforcement code of ethics and the cop subculture, which is referred to as the thin blue line.

What ethical concerns might these conflicts create?

Apply relevant theories of ethics and integrity in policing from course readings and your own research.

Discuss the advantages offered by ethical pluralism over ethical absolutism and ethical relativism. Support your response with references from the literature.

Determine if most police officers receive enough training to help them achieve the higher standard of morale and ethics, which will help them to succeed at avoiding negative influences of questionable societal norms. Support your response with references from the related literature.

Provide recommendations to police administrators for necessary changes designed to ensure the ethical behavior of the officers and to create an ethical subculture. Support your suggestions with your personal experience, literature, and information gained from this course.

Explain how you, as a supervisor, can influence your subordinates to avoid potential negative influences from friends and associates.

As part of your action plan, summarize how ethical behaviors will be measured within your department.

Length: 7 pages References: Include a minimum of fifteen scholarly resources. Your essay should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are

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