Watch the film, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and react/respond to it

Watch the film, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and react/respond to it. It is important to write in sentence and paragraph form, with smooth transitions.  It should be perfect in grammar and spelling.  Your paper is MLA or APA style, 2-3 pages (not counting heading and title), size 12 font.  It is double spaced ONLY with 1” margins all around. If you use another source, please cite appropriately.

Following are some ideas to guide your writing.  Use one of them, or one of your own choosing.  Make sure your writing is relevant to this class, General Psychology.

1.         Using the book Psychology A concise Introduction(chapter 10) in your text as a guide, diagnose and elaborate on any of the   characters’ mental illnesses.

2.         Is there significance in the names of some of the characters, i.e., Nurse Ratched,         Nurse Pilbo, Billy Bibbitt, Harding?

3.         Do you think this is a good representation of a mental institution in the 1960s?              Why or why not?  What things do you think/hope have changed since then?

4.         Identify and elaborate on the deaths of some of the main characters.  Who did it?          Who was responsible for it?

5.         Comment and give details on the therapy sessions with the two nurses.  Were they relevant?  Useful?  What purpose do you think they served?

6.         What’s “up” with Nurse Ratched?

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