Warm up Assignment 1.1: Northcentral University Literacy Tutorial


Warm up Assignment 1.1: Northcentral University Literacy Tutorial
Throughout this course you will supplement your learning with materials outside the assigned text. Some of this material will be resources that you have located through searching the internet and the Northcentral University library. Of course, not everything you find on the internet can be relied upon as a scholarly source. View Northcentral University Literacy Tutorial to increase your information literacy and learn how to distinguish scholarly from non-scholarly sources.

Warm up Assignment 1.2: Choosing a Topic
Now that you’ve explored the text and resources on learning, in this assignment, you will choose a controversial topic in learning that you want to know more about. The list is seemingly endless. Be sure to choose a topic that you are really interested in, as you will be working on this topic weekly throughout the course, culminating in your Signature Assignment (see Week 8).

First, consider: What do you want to know?

Think about a topic that you want to know more about. The topic should be something that is researchable in a reasonable amount of time. The subject should not be too board, or you will be overwhelmed. It should not be too narrow, or you will have nothing to write about. The following website may be helpful in your search for a topic:

Northcentral University Library: Research Process

You will need to find college-level resources about this topic, so do not pick something obscure. While it is important that you choose the topic that is meaningful to you, here are some examples just to whet your appetite!

• The ethical use of behavioral conditioning (punishment) to control bed wetting in children
• The ability of learning theory to explain all facets of human psychological functioning
• Whether males and females learn differently? (Does one gender excel the other on learning certain skills such as reasoning, mathematics, or social skills)
• Do learning abilities actually decrease with age


Based upon your initial research, briefly describe what your topic is and why you have chosen it. Justify why you think it is a worthy research topic based upon your initial research findings. Your instructor will give you feedback on whether the topic is research worthy so you can begin your paper on firm ground.

Then, prepare a list of references for the three library resources that you’ve reviewed while choosing your topic. Your references should be properly cited according to APA form and style. Submit this in a separate document.

Length: 150-200 words, 3 references

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