Verbatim Transcript of (3) Sessions (27 points – 9 points each) The student

Verbatim Transcript of (3) Sessions (27 points – 9 points each) The student will additionally provide a typed copy of a 7-10 minute portion of each of the three sessions. The “script” should be a verbatim copy of what is on the videotape (including the “ums,” “ahs”, etc.). Be sure to identify both the “client” and “student” in each script. Each of the six script portions should include 5 or more responses from the client along with several of the counselor’s interventions, demonstrating the identified skill for that session. A blank copy of the Verbatim Transcript is in the Course Materials section of Blackboard. Please use that as your template, not your own table. Each verbatim should include five columns labeled: • Client Statement– for verbatim statements made by the client • Counselor Statement – for verbatim statements made by the student • Skill Demonstrated – Attending, Use of Questions, Restatement etc. • Alternate Response – for verbatim responses the student could have made to the client that may have been more appropriate and/or therapeutic (based on the texts, dialogues, learning, etc.) • Counselor’s Self-Awareness/Thoughts/Feelings – for statements that are reflective in nature and highlight personal insights gained from the experience and review of the session. This is not for an explanation of why the client said what he or she did. Responses should be done in a MS Word document, using Times New Roman 12 pt (1” Margins) and then post within the assigned link in Black Board by midnight on Saturday of the due week listed in the course schedule. Late video and verbatim submissions will result in a 0.5 deduction from the final grade for each day the assignment is late.


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