Using APA style I must integrate what I have learned about counseling theories and myself as a counselor

Using APA style I must integrate what I have learned about counseling theories and myself as a counselor. The theory will then be applied to a case of my choice. The person can be in film, a TV show or any popular character in the media.

(Everything learned during the course): Psychoanalytic Theory, Adlerian theory, Jungian theories, Person-Centered Theory, Feminist Theory, Psychodynamic Theory, Experiential Psychotherapies, Gestalt Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Theory, Reality Therapy, and using a Genogram.

The assignment should address the following questions in a four-section format.

For section 1 please refer to a forensic setting. For section 2, the individual /client to be portrayed is the character from the movie ‘The Shining’ Jack Torrance.

Must include at least three (3) references using primary sources, e.g.,
– if student wants to use psychodynamic theory in case formulation with a brief dynamic therapy model as treatment strategy and techniques, then a paper by  Hanna Levenson, Hans Strupp, Jeremy Safran, etc, should be referenced;

– if student wants to use behavioral theory that describes the clinical formulation in the frame of behavioral theory and make use of systematic desensitization or social learning as part of treatment interventions, then B. F. Skinner, Joseph Wolpe, Albert Bandura, etc., should be referenced; Cognitive Theory, Aaron Beck, Judith Beck, etc.

The assignment must be written in APA format. Grammar, punctuation, and writing style do count in the grading of this paper.

(Book used during the course): Capuzzi, D. & Stauffer, D. R. (2016). Counseling and psychotherapy: Theories and interventions (6th ed.). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association. Chapters 1 & 17

Please refer to the attachment for further details.

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