TUTOR INSTRUCTIONS:    The student is required to answer the questions below to make a new discussion post


One original discussion post and two replies.



   The student is required to answer the questions below to make a new discussion post, then make a reply comment to two other student’s posts. So, one new original post, and two reply comments (one comment about Student 1’s post, and one comment about Student 2’s post).



Original post 300-450 words. 2 references. APA format.

Reply comments 150-250 words


Using the Kaplan Library (or some other credible source of peer-reviewed texts), locate a journal article related to interpersonal communication within your concentration. For example, those in the behavior analysis program might locate an article on enhancing communication for individuals with autism.


Discussion Question:

1. Provide a brief summary of the article you located in the Kaplan library for this unit’s Reading. Be sure to include the full reference information so other students can read the article. Describe a scenario within your concentration in which the concepts in the article might assist you in understanding or enhancing interpersonal communication.


2. Based on feedback you have received on your communications with others, what is one thing you would like to improve to enhance your communication skills? For example, you may wish to speak with greater confidence, listen more attentively, improve eye contact, or become more comfortable with public speaking. What will you do to improve in the area you noted?




Student 1’s Post (Thomas) :


Hello Professor and class


One article that I found interesting and relatable to my concentration within the Kaplan library was the Online Multiple Intelligence Teaching Tools (On-MITT) for Enhancing Interpersonal Teaching Activities article. This article revolves around educating students in proactive interpersonal communication. A key tool in this article is group work. By having group activities, students will be able to strengthen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills and built self-confidence. I personally think group activities are a great method to utilize on because it teaches us a lot about our own self-perspectives and helps us develop more of a dual perspective. I think group work also helps students transgress into adulthood and more apt to be proactive and pro-social when working with others in their work field. I don’t think there is anything I would like to improve on in order to enhance my communication skills. I like to think of myself as a very pro-social kind of person. I always try to give my full attention to people when their speaking and I always keep eye contact so they don’t feel like I’m not paying attention. I always stand with a straight back and speak with confidence because, if I don’t sound like I believe in what I’m saying why should they. When conversing I also like to keep an open mind and have a dual perspective.




Mahfuzah Mohamad, S. N., Salam, S., Bakar, N., & Mei Sui, L. K. (2014). Online Multiple Intelligence Teaching Tools (On-MITT) for Enhancing Interpersonal Teaching Activities.




Student 2’s Post (Tiffany) :


Hello All,


I selected an article on the use of Ipads as communication devices for those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The article explains how children with this disorder “rely on behaviors such as pointing, reaching, eye gazing, and various facial expressions to present their needs”.  (Xin & Leonard, 2014) The article went on to explain how these children are taught to use the device for the purpose of communication and the results after a 6 week intervention. “Understanding and following complex cues involved in speech are difficult for students with ASD”. (Xin & Leonard, 2014)However these children do have the ability to learn and request and interact with the use of communication devices. It was found that these students were able to request items, answer questions and comment socially after learning to use the devices. (Xin & Leonard, 2014)


As an individual working in the field of ABA, it is important to understand how communication or the lack of communication effects the client’s behavior. By using devices in which these individuals can begin to use tools other than nonverbal communication can often help with behaviors that are occurring out of frustration from not being understood or from not understanding.


There are a few things that I personally could use to improve upon in the area of communication.  I personally need to learn to speak with confidence and to be more comfortable speaking in front of groups of people. I tend to get intimidated easily and this leads to the problems in communication that I have listed. In order to improve in these area’s I must educate myself in the matters of which I speak so that I can be confident in the communications I am giving. Also, I must put myself into situations that may normally make me uncomfortable so that I can get some exposure therapy and there for hopefully become more confident when speaking to a group. I thought a lot about this in the past few months actually and I decided to start a small direct sales MLM business. The purpose of this is to get me into situations where I may be uncomfortable so that I have the opportunity to build my confidence.









Xin, J. F., & Leonard, D. A. (2014). Using iPads to Teach Communication Skills of Students with Autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45(12), 4154-4164. doi:10.1007/s10803-014-2266-8

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