Topic: Curb Bullying In ADHD Adolescents/ Children

Topic: Curb Bullying In ADHD Adolescents/ Children

Theory: Developmental Behavior Theory by Erikson and Levinson.


Provide a paper integrating your review of the existing research and theory and tying it to your fully developed topic.


In your submission, be sure to include the critical elements listed below.

 Clearly state your research questions or intervention.

 Evaluate how your chosen topic fits into the field of psychology.

 Synthesize previous scholarly research related to the topic, research questions, or intervention.

 Compare and evaluate the studies and resources discussed in the literature review.

 Connect gaps in the overall research to argue for the necessity of the chosen research questions or intervention.

 Discuss how the existing body of research helps the chosen research questions or intervention address real-world problems and implications for the general public.

 Organize the literature review according to your message and synthesize the literature into the message.

 Include a conclusion that ties together the literature addressed and reiterates the connection to the research questions and the main argument.

 Ensure that the submission has no major errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, or syntax.



5 to 7 pages (not including cover page or reference page)

12 inch Times new roman font

At least 4 refernces

APA Format

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