To prepare a budget, you must balance the income and expenses and show a profit


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To prepare a budget, you must balance the income and expenses and show a profit. As a director, you would develop a budget by estimating the cost of the program, determine how much revenue will be available, and seek more income to equal expenditures, adjust expenditures to equivalent pay, or doing both (Sciarra, Lynch, Adams, & Dorsey, 2016, p.73). To operate a budget, you will have an income and an expense plan for one year. You would use the method when your center begins and starts to enroll children.

Part 2. Describe examples of other ongoing financial responsibilities you will have as an administrator of an early childhood program. Which of these responsibilities will you spend more or less time on? Which responsibilities would you find most challenging? How would you accommodate for these challenges?

As an administrator, you will have ongoing responsibilities such as managing cash flow, handling salaries, ordering goods and services, making payments, recording transactions, summarizing data, auditing, and handling petty cast. I would spend more time on recording the transactions and less time on managing petty cash. I would find auditing to be the most challenging. To accommodate auditing, I would keep alldocuments well organized and up to date.

Part 3. Identify some potential resources for funding a program you are interested in being an administrator of. What role will you play in securing and maintaining these funds?

The resource that I would be interested in as an administrator would be the community resource because you may use a local church for child care and not pay rent nor pay any of the utility bills. I would also be interested in a foundation. A foundation is a fund that is administered by trustees and operated under state or federal charter (Sciarra, Lynch, Adams, & Dorsey, 2016, p.102). Funds that are received from foundations are used to purchase major equipment and for special projects. I will play the role of an advocate to secure and maintain the funds we receive. I would publicly support the resources that I will be receiving funds from.

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Creating a budget takes gathering of multiple areas of data. Administrator’s will need to look at all sources of income and expenses. Possible examples of expenses could be rent, liability insurance, utilities, maintenance fees, salaries, hourly wages, and so many more to take into consideration. Creating a budget starts will be estimating your revenue verses your expenses. When opening a new center administrator’s typically start each year with two types of budgets. “First, start-up budget consists of all the expenses incurred in starting the center. These expenses include initial building expenses (down payment on the purchase of the building, the cost of building renovations, or rent deposit), the purchase of major equipment, the cost of publicizing the center, the director’s salary for several months prior to the children’s arrival, the deposit on telephone service, and the utility charges during the start-up period. Second, the operating budget consists of an income and expense plan for one year and is used when centers enroll children and begin the program, and annually thereafter” (Sciarra, Lynch, Adams, & Dorsey, 2016, p. 72 & 73).

Part 2: Describe examples of ongoing financial responsibilities as an administrator of an early childhoodprogram. What will you spend more or less time on? What responsibilities would be most challenging? How would you accommodate for these challenges?

As the administrator there will be on going financial responsibilities all year long. Petty cash, ordering supplies, auditing, emergency expenses, and others. Ordering supplies would defiantly be and ongoing expense. Paper, glue, crayons, Clorox wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, are must haves that will run low often. Less time would be spent on petty cash, this would be more like stamps, worked related lunches, or to make change for parents. Keeping track of all the transactions, incoming and outgoing expenses, would be extremely time consuming. To make this task easier, documenting as much as possible to have all up to date files, expenses, and accurate budgeting will assist in a smooth flow of data.

Part 3: Focus on the role of a director and how they will obtain the funding for the school year. Whatdifferent types of funding can we use and how do we secure these?

It’s the director’s responsibility to research and find outside funding resources that will assist the program. “When the community expresses great interest in getting a program started, it may be possible to promote a successful fund-raising program” (Sciarra, et al. (2016), p. 95 & 95). Reaching out to your local churches, business owners, and community services are likely to assist with field trips, equipment, and supplies, but are most likely unable to donate a monthly amount to assist in running the center (Sciarra, et al. (2016). Securing the outside funding takes work as well. When outside businesses and community members donate their money, it’s our duty to return the support and appreciation. Not necessarily a financial thank you, but a gratitude thank you goes a long way. Have the staff and children write thank you notes, make a sign in the waiting room or entry way are ways to display our appreciation.


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Please discuss how a person’s gender role development is affected by their parents, peers, religion, teachers, and the media.

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