Throughout this course, we have addressed the following areas:

ePortfolio Completion

  1. Throughout this course, we have addressed the following areas:
  2. Helping relationships.
  3. Human services theory and practice.
  4. Theoretical models of practice.
  5. The multidisciplinary approach.
  6. Professional development goals.

Pick one of these areas to share with your peers. Your initial post in this discussion may be a draft of one portion of the assignment in this unit. Address why you chose this particular area and its significance to your work in the field.


Discussion 2


Over the past several weeks, you have been asked to analyze the role of a human services professional and apply your understanding of how human services professionals seek change in a variety of settings. In your initial post for this discussion, consider what you have learned, and answer the following questions:

  • Where do you feel you have grown the most? What are the implications of this growth in your work?
  • Provide an example of how your viewpoint has changed. What does this mean for your future work as a helping professional?

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