This paper will summarize a research journal article from the psychological

This paper will summarize a research journal article from the psychological literature on a disorder of depression.  Articles must be drawn from a recent volume of a peer-reviewed psychological journal such as the Journal of Abnormal Psychology or the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.  Using your own words (that is, do not quote the article directly), your written summary of the article must include:

10 points — Summary of the key finding of the article
4 points — Participants in the study (how many, what age/gender, where they came from or how were they selected)
4 points — Identify and describe the independent variable (what groups were compared, or what was done to the participants)
4 points — Identify and describe the dependent variable (what was measured)
10 points — In your opinion, what is the most problematic flaw or limitation of the study?
10 points — Describe how this research result fits with what you’ve learned from class, such as any support for a theoretical model, or whether it adds information to etiology/assessment/diagnosis/treatment.  Where would you recommend that this finding should be included in my lecture or in the textbook?
8 points — Style, spelling, grammar.  Use APA style to refer to your article in the body of your paper, and an APA style reference at the end.

Please use narrative format (paragraphs) rather than bullet points.  Papers should be double-spaced and should be more than 500 words in length.

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