This is assignment.  It is technically a team assignment.  This is my portion

This is assignment.  It is technically a team assignment.  This is my portion

Health Indicators Graphical Representation

Consider the information discussed in Ch. 7 regarding the three indicators of health: life expectancy, infant mortality, and subjective well-being.

Determine what these indicators are for each state and gender.  My state is Mississippi in U.S. and that is what we will use for my portion.

Create a visual representation of each culture using graphs in Microsoft® Word, or Excel®. You can view some examples of visual representations on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Consider what factors may contribute to the differences found in your results.

Discuss these results in 350 to 700 words.

Submit your discussion and visual representation.

I am attaching Chapter 7 so you can get info if you need.




These were some comments instructor made.


There are always questions on this assignment. While I do not write the paper directions, I apologize and will attempt to clarify some.

You can approach this assignment in a number of ways. Whichever way you choose, you must be sure that each team member’s state and both genders (Male and female, regardless of your own gender) are represented throughout each graph.


What I have found most teams prefer is for each member to be responsible for attaining their own information for their respective states. You will create either one graph or many separate graphs (pie graph, bar graph, etc.) that indicate the 3 indicators of health for each state. Some teams have also combined information for each indicator that encompasses the information for all states on one graph and this is also fine.


This assignment can be completed in a Word document. Be sure your write up at least adheres to the minimal word count. Going over the word count is fine and many teams find it necessary to do this. A brief write up that explains the results and how they differ for each state is necessary. This write up needs to include researched information as to why the rates for each state are what they are. In other words, why do women live longer than men in New York?, etc. This write up should be on the same document as the graphs, not on a second attachment. Please note: I will only grade one document for this assignment as flipping between graphs and a write up on 2 separate documents is too time consuming for me.

In other words, we will combine all information from each of our information all together to create one presentation.  So when you enter info from graph into spread sheet for graph to be created make sure that information is visible so we can incorporate it with other info.



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