This integrative case study details a situation that could be handled in one

PMIN 511 Case Study 4

This integrative case study details a situation that could be handled in one of several ways – through pastoral care, or through pastoral counseling, or through conflict resolution. In this case, you are to:

1. First, read the case more than once.

2. Make notes or an outline if needed to help you in the process of understanding the case.

3. After processing the case with your small group, you are to access the needs as they can be addressed in the following areas:

a. Pastoral care – what issues can be met by providing care to this family?

b. Pastoral counseling – what issues are best handled by offering counsel?

c. Conflict resolution – what issues should be addressed regarding the resolving of conflict?

4. As you prepare your PowerPoint presentation, you are to put yourself in the place of a college professor teaching a group of pastoral ministry students.

5. Prepare at least one slide for each area – care, counseling, and conflict – that relates to the needs presented in this case.

6. Then choose ONLY ONE area to address specifically with the Biblical theology, the plan and goals that correspond with the needs, and the process in which those goals will be implemented. Be sure to use scripture as your foundation.

7. These presentations will be presented in the Collaborate Ultra on Tuesday (groups 1 and 4) or on Thursday (groups 2, and 5). If you cannot make either collaborate session, then you may present your presentation in Voice Thread.


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