This assignment will involve students selecting a current event from the news

This assignment will involve students selecting a current event from the news and applying it to a concept or subject from the course textbook, Psychopathology: Foundations for a Contemporary Understanding, 3rd edition (Maddux & Winstead, 2012). Papers must be approximately 5 pages in length.

Students may select any subject from the textbook, as long as they are able to, (a) thoroughly describe the selected concept, and  (b) make a sound case for why it relates to the selected current event.

Students may select any relevant current event from the news, citing the description of the event from an internet news source.

The three major components of the paper will involve:

  1. Selection of the current event
  2. Selection of the textbook concept
  3. Integration and Synthesis of the textbook concept with the selected current event


Current Events Assignment Rubric Points Possible
Current Event and Textbook Concept Appropriateness & Relevance The degree to which the selected current event is relevant to the applied textbook concept 15
Synthesis & Critical Thinking Evidence of academically mature insight and use of critical thinking skills in describing and analyzing the textbook concept ; clear and thorough articulation of how the selected concept relates to current event 20
APA formatting Compliance with APA paper formatting standards 10
Spelling & Grammar Minimal to no grammar, spelling, or basic writing errors 10

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