This assignment is worth 50 points.  View the following three videos

This assignment is worth 50 points.

View the following three videos:

1. Gloria and Fritz Perls  2. Gloria and Albert Ellis  3. Gloria and Carl Rogers

It is a good idea to take notes as you watch the videos.

You are to review and critique each therapeutic technique as well as compare/contrast techniques. Integrate terminology and concepts from the weekly readings.  Describe therapeutic listening techniques used, techniques used to increase client participation, techniques that demonstrate empathy, mindfulness techniques, stages of change, etc.

Address the following questions. Which therapist encourages rapport? Who connects with Gloria? Who promotes change? Who exhibits mindful awareness? Delve deep…this is not simply a summary of each style, though that will be part of the assignment. What do you notice regarding verbal and nonverbal communication of the therapist? What techniques does each therapist use or fail to use to encourage dialog and building of the therapeutic relationship? Use specific examples from the videos to support your comments.

Which approach matches your style? What about ethical issues? What appear to be the “common factors” among these three approaches?

A thorough critique will range from 6-10 pages. Be sure to have an introduction to your paper and a conclusion. Use APA style.

10 pts-Writing Style/Organization

15 pts-Overview of sessions

15 pts-Compare/contrast/Evaluation

10 pts-Effective integration of course readings

Be creative!

100% No Plagiarism  100% No Plagiarism 100% No Plagiarism


Submission Instructions:  Save the paper as: fname_lname_critique.doc (i.e., John_Smith_Critique.doc).  Access the Assignments link, located on the Course Menu and upload the paper as an attachment to the Gloria Tapes Critique drop box.

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