This assignment includes essay questions that require you to cite evidence

This assignment includes essay questions that require you to cite evidence or research to explain/support your answer.

Your essay answers must be in your own words with paraphrasing properly source credited.  Quotes in lieu of answering in your own words will not receive points.

Please submit your responses as a Word document (.docx file).  Make sure to number your responses so your instructor will know where one response ends and the next starts.  It is not necessary to rewrite each question in your document.

Each response is worth 20 possible points.  Please see the attached Rubric for the grading schematic that will be used to evaluate your responses.  Your responses should be approximately one-half to one page each (double-spaced) for a total of 3-6 pages (not including Title and References Pages if you choose to include them).


1.  What does the text consider to be the major difference between Skinner and Piaget?

2.  Briefly contrast Bandura’s view of learning with Skinner’s view.

3.  Contrast the views of Piaget and Bandura on how children develop.

4.  a) Why did Vygotsky believe the “zone of proximal development” provides a better indication of students’ potential than conventional achievement tests?

b) In the evaluation section, the textbook author presents a Rousseauist critique of this concept. Discuss one of the points the text author makes.

5.  a) Describe Freud’s theory of the Oedipal Crisis and its resolution in the boy and the girl.

b) Summarize a major criticism of Freud’s theory of the Oedipus complex (with respect to either the boy or the g

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