This assignment has four sets of questions

This assignment has four sets of questions . Address the selected prompts in each set using multiple paragraphs and complete sentences with a minimum of 200 words EACH.

1. Chapter 6: What does the typical in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment entail? How much does it cost? What are the risks to the mother and the child/children? Why do you think many decide to undergo IVF instead of adoption? How might societal emphasis on biological children be dysfunctional for our society?

How do you think you would react if you discovered that you are infertile? What do you think you would do about having children? Would you consider assisted reproductive technologies (ART) or surrogacy? Why or why not?


2. Chapter 7: The text states: “On a political level, some men’s activists argue that, just as women should not be forced to carry a pregnancy to term, so men should not be subjected to forced fatherhood and an 18-year financial commitment . . . .” What should men’s role be in making decisions about abortion? Can we, and should we, try to determine what men’s rights are in such a situation? How does men’s participation or lack of participation in a woman’s right to choose interact with and reflect society’s roles for men and women? 


3. Chapter 8: How is sex depicted on television? Give examples of a typical sexual encounter in television. Is this what we expect sex to be like? Is it usually like this? Are our expectations for sexual activity too high or too low? How might these expectations lead to unhappiness in a real relationship?


4. Chapter 9: Is children’s sexual curiosity about their bodies accepted? In what ways are children either allowed or forbidden to express their sexuality? What is it about children and sexuality that makes us uncomfortable?

Do statistics about teenage sexual activities match your perception as a teenager? If not, do you think your friends may have been slightly untruthful about their sexual encounters? Do you think they were claiming more experiences that they actually had, or fewer? Why? 

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