The wk8 document needs remastered at a high scholarly level


The wk8 document needs remastered at a high scholarly level.  I have had help on this from other professors on this site, but it is really lacking that prospectus tone and complexity. This is to be a dissertation of Generation Z and how they will fit into the workplace, what values they possess and how they will be recruited and integrated into the workplace.  these are still young adults, many still in Jr. High ad Highschool.  How will I get to them with all the safety measures in place to protect them from research, how will I get a survey to a generation that will probably not use paper ad pen.  This must be a high-quality job.



Expectations, More content-at least 4 pages more


Review and fix all pages that are completed


Find appropriate measuring tools


More references in APA format, (I should not have to say it, but may professors on this site do not do it) complete references, including volume, pages number, ect…


Is this a qualitative or quantitative study, perhaps mixed, please state and follow proper prospectus guidelines


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