The readings this week outlined how to write an argumentative essay

The readings this week outlined how to write an argumentative essay. Many of the same steps used in writing an argumentative paragraph are used when composing an essay. You will explain the core of the argument: Major Premise, Minor Premise and Conclusion of Euthanasia

Use the outline:

A clear statement of the issue: I believe a terminally ill person should have the right to die.

What is your position on that issue?  I am pro-choice, terminally ill people are medically diagnosed as dying, therefore there is no cure, and should be allowed the right to die if they choose.

What is your basic argument on the issue? My argument is that terminally ill patients/people who consent have the right to die with dignity. Therefore, who has the right to tell them they have to suffer while dying.

What is a possible rebuttal of the argument? Just as people value having control over where to live, which occupation to pursue, whom to marry, and whether to have children, some people value having control over whether to continue living when quality of life deteriorates.

You will write a 3 page essay on the topic:

1. Student provides a succinct and detailed Introduction that gets to the point of the argumentative essay. There are no errors.

2. Student provides a well-organized and well-reasoned argumentative essay addressing the argument in the first paragraph, explains and defends this argument, and devotes one paragraph to each premise. Each premise relates to the other, thoroughly explains the connection between his/her ideas, provides clarity to the reader, explains specific terms, and supports objections with arguments avoiding common fallacies.

3. Student provides a thorough and detailed conclusion that synthesizes key points made in the essay.

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