The purpose of the current assignment is to evaluate the psychometric properties

Test Evaluations Paper Instructions

The purpose of the current assignment is to evaluate the psychometric properties of apsychological assessment of your choice.  For this paper, each student will select ONEpsychological test that is NOT covered in the textbook or in any class presentations.  Students will use the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) database available through LibertyUniversity’s Jerry Falwell Library website to find resources to aid in evaluating the test.  In grading your paper, your instructor will look at the following:

Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Test

Your evaluation of the test should include the following areas of consideration:

1. Purpose of Test: What is the purpose of the test (personality, screening, diagnosis, marriage counseling, placement for children, etc.)? Who developed it and why? How is it used?
2. Type of Test/Scoring: What kind of items does the test utilize (T/F, likert, etc)? How is the test scored?  What kind of score(s) do respondents receive (percentile rank, z score, T score, total and /or subscale scores?)
3. Normative Sample: Describe the normative sample (including the number of participantsand their know demographic characteristics).  Indicate whether or not the normative sampleis adequately representative of the intended test-takers.
4. Administration: How is the test administered? Paper and pencil? Computer based? Who can purchase/administer the test (i.e., minimum qualifications)?
5. Reliability: Correctly use terms from the textbook/course materials to define the types of evidence for reliability reported in the review articles, and provide the specific numerical values of the reliability statistics.  If no reliability data are provided, then explain what type of evidence for reliability you would need in order to fully evaluate the test.
6. Validity: Correctly use terms from the textbook/course materials to define the types of evidence for validity reported in the review articles, and provide the specific numerical values of the validity coefficients.  If no validity data are provided, then explain what type of evidence for validity you would need in order to fully evaluate the test.

Justification for Selecting the Test

Your justification for selecting the test should include the following areas of consideration:

1. Explain why you selected this test for review.  Specifically, explain how the test is relevant to what you are doing now and/or your future career plans.
2. Explain how the test that you chose fits in with the goals and responsibilities of Christian professionals who might utilize the test.  Choose at least one scriptural citation to support your argument.

Assignment Parameters

1. Use of current APA formatting guidelines is expected thoughout your paper.
2. Your assignment should include an APA-formatted Title Page.
3. You will choose one (1) psychological test to evaluate, and you will find two (2) articles from the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) database that assess the psychometric properties of the test that you chose.
4. In your evaluation of the test, you will use information gathered from both review articles to write a comprehensive evaluation of the test.
• The written evaluation of the test itself (the body of your paper) should be 2-3 pages in length.
• Your paper should be written in a scholarly writing style with a formal, college-level tone that utilizes appropriate grammar, diction, spelling, and punctuation.
• Your paper should appropriately utilize in-text citations of all sources (2 review articles and 1 scriptural citation), and citations should be presented in accurate APA format
5. Your paper will include an APA-formatted References Page.
• Your references page should include the reference information for the 2 review articlesthat you obtained from the MMY.
• Make sure that you reference every source that you cite and that you cite every source that you reference.  (Referencing the Bible is not required in APA-formatted manuscripts, but you can choose to reference it if you would like.)
• Your references for articles obtained frm the MMY should include the following information: 1) Last name, first initial of author(s) of the review, 2) year of publication of MMY edition, 3) name of test being reviewed, 4) name(s) of MMY editors, 5) title of MMY edition, and 6) electronic retrieval statement
• Please see the MMY Reference Template document provided in the Assignment Instructions folder for visual guidance on how to format your references.

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