The journey to becoming a licensed professional occurs in numerous stages

The journey to becoming a licensed professional occurs in numerous stages, from formal higher education to clinical field work during pre- and post-degree internships. Professional training for clinical psychologists requires extensive study and preparation. Training also varies by degree program. Some psychologists have a PhD or a PsyD, while others may have an MA. In this two- to three-page paper (700 – 1,050 words, excluding cover page and references), describe the differences in education, certification, and credentialing for a master’s-level and doctoral-level clinician. What are the key reasons for choosing one degree over another? Identify the currently leading professional organizations in which psychologists may participate, then, inventory the main attributes necessary for success as a clinical psychologist. Finally, list the main advantages and disadvantages to pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist. In addition to the required readings this week, you should search out and use at least one peer-reviewed article from the Rockies Online Library to support your views. Cite all literature used and present them in APA format in a references section of your paper. To ensure that the information is current, any peer-reviewed articles you search out should not be more than 5 years old.

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