The goal of this project is for each student to focus her/his research efforts

Health Psychology Research Paper


The goal of this project is for each student to focus her/his research efforts on a specific health psychology topic, target population, and local community site. This multi-pronged approach will integrate our classroom learning, research skills, community service learning, and program/intervention development.


Type a 6-paged (minimum) double-spaced research paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with SUBHEADINGS including the following:

1.      Literature review section (with APA format citations and SUBHEADINGS), including (at least 2 pages):

a.       Health Psychology topic

b.      Explanation of topic and related subtopics

c.       Applicable Health People 2020 goal(s)

d.      Target population with explanation

2.      Selected theory (with APA format citations), including (at least 1 page):

a.       Name theory

b.      Match a selected theory to your topic, target population, and Health People 2020 goal(s)

c.       Discuss how other researchers/studies have utilized this theory for this same topic and target population

3.      Community site (with APA format citations), including (at least 1 page):

a.       Describe community site: name, mission, and explanation

b.      Observations during site visit applicable to research paper

4.      Program/Intervention design (specific to your selected community site), including (at least 2 pages):

a.       Describe how this approach integrates biopsychosocial perspectives (not biomedical)

b.      Describe which level of prevention the program will target: primary, secondary, or tertiary

c.       Explain any ethical issues related to your population, topic, community site, and/or program

d.      Synthesize information gathered during research to develop a program/intervention specifically designed to change a behavior/promote a behavior and assist your target population regarding your topic, applying your selected theory

e.       Implementation plan (step-by-step, how will you assist your target population to begin and continue your program to assist their health psychology issue?), including marketing plan, if necessary

5.      Reference page in APA format, including at least 5 peer-reviewed references (NOT included in the 6 page requirement).  One of the references can be the text, and the other 4 or more must be professional journal articles—if you are unsure about which resources to use, please ask (Wikipedia will NOT be accepted).


Content, quality of writing, and grammar will be considered during grading.  Please cite in APA format WITHIN THE TEXT OF THE PAPER (author/organization, year of publication).  SUBHEADINGS are required throughout the paper.  All research papers are due on Thursday, 12/1 (please post on Canvas PRIOR to class time).


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