The Gestalt therapy is significant because it has methods that bring conflicts and human struggles to life

Identify and explain

The Gestalt therapy is significant because it has methods that bring conflicts and human struggles to life. Because of its holistic approach it values each aspect of the individual’s experience equally. Person-centered therapy has truly made an impact on the field of counseling and psychotherapy.  Rogers contributions provided a powerful and radical alternative psychoanalysis and to the direct approaches then practiced (Corey, 2017). The behavior therapy key strength is its precision in specifying goals, target behaviors, and procedures. It help clients translate certain goals in to solid plans of action which is beneficial for the client and the counselor through the healing process. Cognitive-behavior therapy is significant because it has developed a systematic and sophisticated forms of psychotherapy that focus on testing assumptions and beliefs while teaching clients how to deal with their problems. The reality therapy is significant because it’s short-term focus and fact that it deals with conscious behavioral problems (Corey, 2017).

Which approach resonates most

The approach that resonates with me the most is the reality therapy approach. After reading more about this therapy I discovered that reality therapist operate as a teacher, mentor, and a model approaching clients in ways that will help evaluate their actions and whether their behavior is fulfilling their basic needs without harming themselves or others(Corey, 2017). Helping clients understand what’s real and showing them how to fix it is a great method.

Develop justification for adhering to the approach .

Strengths in techniques are actually encouraging clients to engage in self-evaluation, to determine if their current actions are working or not and to help them commit to changing their ways. When working with drug addicts, the reality therapist can develop strategies that can help clients evaluate where their behavior is leading them and guide them to recovery. From a multicultural perspective counselors demonstrate their respect for the cultural values of their client by helping them explore how satisfying their current behavior is to themselves and others. Groups provide members with many opportunities for exploring ways to meet their needs through the relationships formed within the group. If the members discuss about past experiences and create excuses for their current behavior, the group leader redirects them what they are presently doing( Corey, 2017).

Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Pacific Grove CA: Cengage Learning.

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