Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with a question.

Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with a question.

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Margarita Alcantara

11:22 AM

Change could often be difficult for people to deal with, especially the way change occurs. Some organizations could have a great reaction and be more accepting to change, while other organizations could have more of a difficult time dealing with change. A great example of an organization dealing well with change is the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). There organization made a switch from paper medical records to have integrated electronic medical records (EMRs) (TINYpulse, 2020). This change could be a challenge within itself because now the health care practitioners have to learn how to use technology (TINYpulse, 2020). What the organization did to be successful after this change took place was they had the team responsible for the project have a detailed, realistic plan in place to carry out the switch, there was a team whose job was to educate and support health care professionals in their use of EMRs, end users could attend practice sessions to learn how to use EMRs, and the team continued to train health care practitioners after the EMRs went live, so end users felt confident using the new software (TINYpulse, 2020). I personally went through an organizational change that resulted into a very messy transition. I worked at a medical office that was expanding and merging with another medical office that already included other employees and doctors. That entire staff had to be trained to learn the way my organization handled things, but in the very beginning the staff that I worked with failed to train the new employees on every aspect of our organization. For many months it was difficult to recover from this transition because it was not done smoothly and difficult for not only the staff, but the patients as well. I believe for an organizational change to be successful within the organization it is important for the team to be prepare beforehand and continue to provide trainings and help afterwards.


TINYpulse. (2020). 4 examples of companies that nailed organizational change.

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