Submit your Course Project Part II – Create an Annotated Bibliography

Submit your Course Project Part II – Create an Annotated Bibliography.

  • Create an Annotated Bibliography where you will summarize, evaluate, and reflect on each reference that you will present in your future Literature Review. The length of this paper may vary slightly based on the number or resources you present, but a minimum of at least eight (8) sources are required. This paper should also frame the research topic and answer the following questions as you evaluate and reflect on the references you have chosen:
      1. How would this research be valuable?  What possible benefits would there be for juvenile justice?
      2. What interest is it to the audience?
      3. Cite and discuss several questions that could narrow the focus of this research.  Who would be most interested in your research?  Why?

The paper must be written in APA format, please review this Sample Annotated Bibliography portion of the page. This paper is due in Week 5.Sample APA  Annotation , but keep in mind it is an abbreviated sample as you must include at least 8 sources and a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of the sources. You can also review a more general example from Purdue Owl, scroll down to the Sample APA Annotation portion of the page.

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