Students will complete the VIA Survey of Character Strengths found

Research Paper

Strength Assignment part 3:

Students will examine their own strengths through the results generated on the questionnaire.   Students will use the course text books and the at least Eight (8) research articles as references for this assignment to write a research paper. You may reference Part 1 and 2 of the strength assignments and your earilier essays if you desire. Use the research findings in your articles to illuminate your own life and strengths.   The Paper Must be in APA Style (Links to an external site.), with APA Style (Links to an external site.) References. If you haven’t ever completed a paper in APA Style (Links to an external site.) here is a great link to a Tutorial: APA Style (Links to an external site.) or speak with a librarian.

The paper will be a 5-10 page, 12 pt font, double spaced paper that discusses their strengths and answer the following:

  1. How do your top five strengths fit into your life?
  2. How have these strengths enabled you to overcome obstacles in your life?
  3. Using the books for the class and your research articles, discuss the strengths and how they build resilience in you and enable you to flourish in the future.
  4. In what way have your strengths impacted your career choices?
  5. Explore your experience with the gratitude letter.
  6. What gives your life meaning and purpose?  Describe what meaning and purpose your life has obtained to this point and how they might change in the future.

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