(Shepherd & Linn, 2014) Response-to-Intervention program that is being used

(Shepherd & Linn, 2014) Response-to-Intervention program that is being used in schools throughout the United States to provide a criteria for the early identification of students in need of additional supports before referrals for special education would be made and to provide progressively intense levels of support for students who meet specific criteria.

Self-management strategies were presented in Chapter 7. These strategies help students control their own behaviors. These strategies can be added to the intervention supports in the Secondary Tier of Response-to-Intervention.

Using your knowledge of Response-to-Intervention, discuss the following:

1. Explain how NCLB 2001 and IDEA 2004 encouraged the Response-to-Intervention program. Discuss how Response-to-Intervention meets the federal mandate for educators to use “scientifically-based research methods in instruction and interventions” (Shepherd & Linn, 2014, p. 253).

2. Identify the three tiers of the Response-to-Intervention program and describe the characteristics of each. How can self-management techniques be included in the Secondary Tier?

3. Discuss the concerns some have regarding the effectiveness of Response-to-Intervention.

Minimum of 350 words including references in APA format.

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