Select one of the two available video clips to the right

  1. Select one of the two available video clips to the right.
    • The video will begin playing immediately.
    • Pause the video and notice under the Clips heading to the right, either you will see the “Case Study of Carol (30:38) or Case Study of Paul (26:40) depending on which video you have selected.
    • Move the video play head to the timestamp of the video. This will be the number in parentheses.
    • Watch the Case Study
  2. Choose one of the following theories and use your chosen theory and chosen video clip to complete all of the questions in this assignment.
    • Psychoanalytic
    • Adlerian
    • Client-centered
    • Existential
    • Gestalt
    • Reality
  3. Watch the video clip of a supervisor and therapist discussing the case you have selected.  The information from the video will supplement the information in the write-up.
  4. Assess the client being described in the video and that client’s related issues using the questions provided.

Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12 point, Times New Roman font with normal one-inch margins, written in APA style, and free of typographical and grammatical errors.  It should include a title page with a running head, an abstract and a reference page. The body of the paper should be 6 – 8 pages in length.

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