Sandidge DB-Forum 4COLLAPSE      Many things influence the development of an addiction

Sandidge DB-Forum 4COLLAPSE

Many things influence the development of an addiction.  A person’s genetics, environmental influences, life experiences, interpersonal relationships, and culture can heavily influence us.  Addiction is unlike many medical diseases where we can point to a certain germ or defect that caused the disease. “Some Therapeutic theories appear to offer some insight into various behaviors often noted in people who have SUD’s.” (Doweiko, 2015) However, no one appears to be in total agreement with the theoretical models explaining SUD’s.  “The American Society of Addiction Medicine has suggested a bio/psycho/social model of addition to provide the multiple disciplines support for their efforts to understand and treat the SUD”S.” (Doweiko, 2015)

The Spiritual Model can be related to the Biopsychosocial Model when referring to a spiritual disorder manifesting itself as a physical disease.  Doweiko’s example of “a person having lost a deeply loved spouse might ‘pine away ‘for their deceased partner and slowly fade from life.”  (Doweiko, 2015) Admittedly we all experience pain and a sense of discontent or being incomplete in life.  The stress of daily living conspires to shatter the individual’s spirit in a thousand different ways.  To survive, some pull within the ‘self,’ others seek the mindless illusion of safety offered by false gods such as possessions, or drugs of abuse.  A minority choose to embark on a lifelong journey of spiritual growth. (Doweiko, 2015)

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