Respond to a colleague’s post in one of the following ways

Respond to a colleague’s post in one of the following ways:


·      Expand upon your colleague’s post regarding ways that the IRB’s ethical guidelines may impact his or her study.

·      Explain an insight you gained from this week’s Resources that addresses a topic in your colleague’s post.


Please use the resources to support your post.


***need to be 1/2 page with a minium of 1 reference***


Colleague: Jennifer


“Risks to human subjects associated with participation in research are an important consideration in the design of studies” and all practices must adhere to the ethical regulations including justice, beneficence, and respect for all persons (Labott and Johnson, 2004, pg. 11; Walden Univ.). Walden Universities Institutional Review Board (IRB) impacts the research design by ensuring that risks to participants are minimized as well as reasonable in relations to the benefits (Walden Univ).


The minimized risks are categorized into six areas of potential harm including: physical, psychological, social, economic, legal, and dignitary (Labott and Johnson, 2004). It is up to the researcher to ensure “study should be designed in the safest manner and procedures should be in place to manage any problems that occur” while focusing on the well-being of the client (Labott and Johnson, 2004, pg. 11). It is also up to the researcher, with the guidance of the IRB, to determine whether or not the risks are considered reasonable in comparison to the benefits (Walden Univ.). If the risks are not considered reasonable in comparison to the benefits of the study the IRB will ask the researcher to modify the study to ensure the safety of its participants (Walden Univ).





Labott, S. M., & Johnson, T. P. (2004). Psychological and social risks of behavioral research. IRB: Ethics & Human Research, 26(3), 11–15. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases



Walden University (n.d.). Academic Walden University (n.d.). Academic Guides: Research Ethics & Compliance: Welcome from the IRB. Retrieved December 9, 2016 from

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