Respond to a classmate by further supporting his or her criteria

By Day 6

Respond to a classmate by further supporting his or her criteria for evaluating alignment or respectfully offering a differing perspective.

I have never felt that research was one of my strong suits. I feel that after gaining knowledge from this class I have a better understanding of research, data collection methods and other components. I found that it was really helpful how the class was set up. We looked at research step by step and took our time learning the components.

When looking at a research article, it is best to pick out what type of research is being used. This would be a pretty good first step in determining the significance and value of the research. After the type of research (qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods) is analyzed, then the best is to find purpose of the study. This is usually in the beginning and can be found easily, along with the problem. A good way to remember the difference between the two is to remember that the problem is what is trying to be “fixed” or “solved” and the purpose is the reason why its being “fixed” or “solved”. The research questions or hypothesis should be an attempt to answer the question of the problem and align with the purpose. Then the data collection method will be determined. It is best that the data collection method makes sense for the type of research that is being done.

With the newly acquired research knowledge and skills, it would become easier to be an agent of positive social change. There are so much that is still to be learned in society and about people in general. Knowing how to conduct proper research can help people reach their full potential and discover more about the world and society. Researchers would be able to inspire change based on their findings for their research

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