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Chomsky’s theory was universal grammar which is the idea that noun and verb categories make up the entire language development in children and language processing in adults overall (Lemetyinen, 2012). Another part of his theory of language was that noun and verbs need to be combined to be put together phrases and kids learn this naturally and a lot of them are doing it younger than they were before years ago. The mental lexicon is a mental store of information about words including rules of using the words, meaning of the words and sound, and spelling patterns (Gazzaniga et al., 2018). Since we are born, we can hear even when we are in the womb, but it isn’t until we are physically born that we truly listen to everything and start to understand it. That saying “babies are like sponges; they soak everything up” even when we think they can’t understand because they are so small, it’s very true because kids listen very carefully and repeat after people a lot and it just continues until we can start saying words and forming sentences then we are finally able to communicate once we master that. I do agree with Chomsky’s theory because we naturally start talking when we are a toddler. And we start by saying words normally only one of them and then as we get older and hear more we start to say even more and then eventually combine them to form sentences.

Has anyone had any struggles or have seen someone struggle with learning to talk??

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