Relationship Issues that make or break the relationship.

Relationship Issues that make or break the relationship.

Who is your ideal mate?

What are the deal breakers?

1 to 10, how important is physical appearance?  10 being critically important, 1 being not at all.

What are the most important characteristics of your ideal mate?  Be honest with yourself and PLEASE STAY AWAY from cliche answers if you would.  I mean it!

The safe answer would be something like, “Someone who is there for me, respects me, and loves me for who I am.”  Or, the next most common one I’ve read is, “I need a God fearing man”.

This assignment is supposed to provoke something from deep within your soul that you may have never truly thought deeply enough.

Think about it.  “Someone who respects you and there for you.”  That’s about 70% of all whom you come in contact with on a daily basis, like coworkers, student body, faculty, starbucks employee, etc.  “Someone who loves me for who I am.”  That should be 100% of every one of your regular friends.  If they do not, they are not your friends…..  “God fearing man/woman.”  That should be about 99% of everyone at your church, synagogue, or mosque.

These vanilla answers that people are so readily give really doesn’t fit who you truly are and who you would need, in order for him or her to be your ONE AND ONLY soulmate.

Hence, PLEASE stay away from mundane conversation.  This should be one of the most intriguing conversation we have in this class.

If you have to think about this for 24 to 48 hours to come up with a uniquely fitting statement for yourself, so be it!  It should be that special.  If not, then think deeper.

If this comes across as a soapbox, I apologize, but my previous classes have bored me and each other with this topic as they missed the entire point of this assignment.

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