PSYCHOlOGY  2017 Discussion 1 Chp 1: Research Methods

PSYCHOlOGY  2017 Discussion 1

Chp 1: Research Methods for ‘Chp 1: Research Methods’

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This topic is designed to strengthen your understanding of research methods used in social psychology.  Start a thread and respond to  the questions below with an original response

1. Post an abstract of either a correlational study or an experiment.  Ask the class to indicate which method it is.  Give the reason why you think those who respond are either correct or incorrect.

2. What is the third variable? Give an example of how the third variable can be used to understand what appears to be a relationship between two unrelated variables.

3.  Which is stronger: a correlation of .40 or a correlation of -.80? Explain.

No word count? Can give brief but complete relevant answers that are  plagiarism free?

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