Provide some background information regarding the below case  vignette

Provide some background information regarding the below case  vignette. (4-5 slide Power Point Presentation with presenters’ notes and  4 references)  Please complete a 4-5-page paper in APA format (4 questions with the  same 4 references that you will use for the powerpoint in APA format). Provide some background information regarding the case vignette you have  chosen. Include a “context” for each case based on developmental perspectives  that you learned from Chapters 1-6. What recommendations might you provide for this case in terms of  developmental growth? What challenges might you find as a researcher and/or consultant working  with this population?  CASE VIGNETTE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT (THIS FROM CHAPTER THREE OF THE TEXT  BOOK. (Gardiner, H.W. & Kosmitzki, C. (2018). Lives across cultures:  Cross-cultural human development (6 th ed.). Pearson.).   Case vignette Kamuzu Mathebula is fourteen years old and lives in Diepkloof, a section  of Soweto, an all-black township outside Johannesburg, South Africa. He  lives with his mother, grandmother, tow brothers and a sister in a  shack made of discarded plastic sheeting and wood with a corrugated iron  roof. There is no electricity or running water. Diarrhea and  tuberculosis are common here. His mother, a widow, works as a maid for  the Martins, an Afrikaner (white South African) family, five miles away.  Kamuzu has attended poorly funded segregated schools most of his life.  With the end of apartheid (the white government-enforced system of  “separateness”) in 1990, his future has been looking better. Rather than  working long hours for meager wages in one of the local textile  factories, Kamuzu hopes to attend the University of Witwatersrand in  Johannesburg to become a doctor and help his people.  Hendrik and Patricia Martin, the Dutch-descended Afrikaner family that  Kamuzu’s mother works for, have a son named Jeremy who is also fourteen  years old. He and his younger sister, Yvonne, live in a wealthy  neighborhood of large, well-kept homes. Jeremy’s father is the president  of an import =-export company started by his grandfather, and his  mother teaches science at the exclusive private school that he and his  sister attend. His goal, similar to Kamuzu’s, is to attend the  university in Johannesburg and study medicine.

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