Proposal Writing Skills Application


Proposal Writing Skills Application

Now that you have a complete draft of your integrative project, it is time to consider how the skills developed throughout the project will benefit your career.

Developing this post will help you prepare for job interviews.

  • Describe how you might apply the skills developed in writing your integrative project to career activities mentioned in the two articles. These descriptions might include seeking grant funding for a research or social service project; serving on a grant-funded research project; working with grant writers and research proposal writers to improve your research and writing endeavors; or research and writing endeavors of others in an institution that uses grant resources.
  • Address the development of your writing and research skills. Consider how these skills can be further developed and used to contribute to ongoing work activities and applications in your community, in research, in foundation and educational settings.
  • Identify one potential grant funding resource that you might seek if you were to investigate grant resources to advance your career. Explain why and how that resource might be a fit for your goals.

Must be at least 500 words

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