Proactive Self-Care Please respond to all questions I have add guidance to how I would respond.

Proactive Self-Care

  • Please respond to all questions I have add guidance to how I would respond.

>As you plan your internship experience, consider the impact of proactive self-care, remembering your ethical obligation to maintain emotional health and competency to work effectively in the counseling field.

(Please use the APA code of ethic to answer this one ) Section C Professional Responsibility “Counselors aspire to open, honest, and accurate communication in deal- ing with the public and other profes- sionals. Counselors facilitate access to counseling services, and they practice in a nondiscriminatory manner within the boundaries of professional and personal competence; they also have a responsibility to abide by the ACA Code of Ethics. Counselors actively participate in local, state, and national associations that foster the develop- ment and improvement of counseling. Counselors are expected to advocate to promote changes at the individual, group, institutional, and societal lev- els that improve the quality of life for individuals and groups and remove potential barriers to the provision or access of appropriate services being of- fered. Counselors have a responsibility to the public to engage in counseling practices that are based on rigorous re-search methodologies. Counselors are encouraged to contribute to society by devoting a portion of their professional activity to services for which there is little or no financial return (pro bono publico). In addition, counselors engage in self-care activities to maintain and promote their own emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to best meet their professional responsibilities”. Please Reword

>Reflect upon your practicum experience and the types of stressful situations you encountered at your fieldwork site. What impact did these situations have on you, both physically and emotionally? How did your reaction to stress affect the work you were doing with your clients? How would you like to be more proactive in taking care of yourself this quarter?

(The stress was the unknown. I was not sure about a lot of different things with class and with my new site. I was not sure of the school requirements to pass practicum even after I read it 4 times. I was made aware of things week by week from my school and my site supervisor. I am a very well organize person so I carried a lot of internal stress about the unknown. I was very emotional because I was learning things week by week or sometimes 2 weeks in advance. It effected me physically because I was not able to work out and have a set schedule until about week 5.

I can say it did not effect my work with clients because I was able to work with a lot of experience therapist who was able to help me plan an hour before and an hour after a client.)

>For this discussion, create a concrete, realistic, and reasonable self-care plan that you will use during your internship experience this quarter. Be specific in describing the steps you will take and use examples to illustrate how you will do this. Use the materials linked in the Resources to inform your plan.

(This quarter I am ready I know what is expect of me from my site supervisor and my instructor. So I have plan accordingly, I have plan my entire 10 weeks.This quarter I will have a set schedule for my site, I will get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and work out 5 times a week for 30 min.)



APA Code of Ethics

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