Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 10 of the course textbook

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 10 of the course textbook. Pay close attention to the two case illustrations in Section 10.4 as these may inform the creation of the illustration in your initial post. Also, read the articles An Integrated Approach to Treatment of Patients With Personality Disorders and Pathological Personality Traits Can Capture DSM–IVPersonality Disorder Types (Clarkin, Cain, & Livesley, 2015; Miller, Few, Lynam, & MacKillop, 2015).


For this discussion, select one of the personality disorders discussed in Chapter 10 that you find interesting, then conduct web research to find a person (i.e., living or not, historical, famous, and/or even fictional) who suffers from the disorder you chose to serve as a case study. Then choose a model of personality that will serve as a framework for devising a theoretical explanation and therapeutic intervention for the case you selected.

For your initial post,

  • Describe the personality disorder for the case study you selected.
  • Apply the theories in your selected model to explain how the disorder may have developed for your particular case and what may have been the underlying causes. The primary focus here should be on the theoretical explanation of how your chosen disorder may have developed and should not be a detailed description of the disorder.
  • Discuss possible therapeutic interventions that might be applied in your case, based on your chosen model.

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